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Everyone forgets things at times. How often have you misplaced your cellphone or car keys? Have you ever forgotten the name of a person you just met?

Some degree of memory problems and a modest decline in other thinking skills are common parts of aging. However, there's a difference between normal memory changes and memory loss associated with dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other related disorders. And some memory problems could be caused by other treatable conditions.

Mild cognitive impairment involves a notable decline in at least one area of thinking skills, like memory. This decline is greater than the changes of aging and less than those of dementia. Having mild cognitive impairment doesn't prevent you from performing everyday tasks and being socially engaged.

Researchers and physicians are still learning about mild cognitive impairment. For some people, the condition doesn't worsen, and they can remain independent. For others, mild cognitive impairment is an early symptom of Alzheimer's disease or another disorder causing dementia.

Getting a prompt diagnosis is important, even if it's challenging. Identifying a reversible cause of memory impairment enables you to get appropriate treatment.

Mild to Moderate Memory Loss Clinical Trials
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